At Narena Games, we're revolutionizing the world of NFT gaming. Our system gamifies any collection, allowing their NFTs to battle amongst each other for bragging rights and loot crates. Battles can be for all NFTs within a collection, specific traits only or even limited to recent sweepers & whales. During the battles, holders can win prizes, instantly instantly adding utility and potentially increase the floor price of NFT collection.
Narena Games offers more than just gaming - we're here to help NFT collection owners increase their floor price, build their community, and add new dimensions to their collections. Our platform offers an immediate utility while bringing your collection's unique traits, lore & universe to life.
At Narena Games, we're passionate about delivering value to our customers. That's why we work closely with our partners, beyond launch, to continually add new functionalities and update our platform. With our experienced team of developers, marketers, and gaming experts, we're always on hand to help you get the most out of Narena Games.
Experience the power of Narena Games for yourself and unlock the full potential of your NFT collection.


Narena Games offers a unique and engaging experience for NFT collection owners, with a range of features designed to increase engagement, build community, and ultimately increase the value of your NFTs. From customizable game modes to loot crates and leaderboards, Narena Games has everything you need to keep your community engaged and excited. Scroll down to learn more about each of these features and see how Narena Games can help take your NFT collection to the next level.


Narena Games custom DAPP game dashboard is designed with your brand as our key focus, featuring your logo, color scheme, and hundreds of custom written battle messages tied to your traits and lore. Our dashboard isn't just about aesthetics - it's a comprehensive tool that provides you and your community with everything you need to get the most out of your NFT collection.
Our dashboard is designed to be mobile-friendly and accessible to everyone, with the ability to login using your blockchain wallet. Once inside, players can easily track their NFT's wins, kills, K/D ratio, and other stats, as well as monitor their progress over time. Our real-time stats and leaderboards help players keep track of their standing within the community, while our updates keep everyone informed on the latest developments.
For collection owners, our administration panel provides complete control over your collection's gaming experience. From setting battle entry requirements and customizing game settings to managing prizes and payouts, our administration panel makes this as seamless as ever.
Experience the power of Narena Games' custom DAPP game dashboard and take your NFT collection to the next level. Feel free to dive into one of our current partner's dashboard below.


Narena's custom Discord integration is a powerful tool that keeps players engaged in real-time. With a custom integration gateway, it seamlessly connects to NFT metadata and sends updates on kills, winners, prizes found, live battle updates, bounties completed and daily kill leaders to holders. The integration provides four separate Discord channels:
Killfeed - displays information about fight results.
Main Info - providers main information about game results, winners and bounties.
Prize Info - offers information about loot crates won & opened.
Staff Info - offers internal information for administrators or prize distribution such as eth address and prize content.
The integration is connected to the custom dashboard, which provides an easy way for players to stay updated on the progress of their NFTs and the community. It encourages active participation in the Discord server and community, providing an engaging way for holders to interact with their NFTs and other holders. Ultimately this provides opportunities for players to monitor the battle with ease, while adding a daily spark to your community.


Narena Games offers an array of different game modes for players to enjoy. From regular battles to exclusive battles, there's something for everyone. In the regular game mode, all NFTs are eligible to participate in battles, making it a great way to engage the entire community.
For those looking for a more closed battle experience, the exclusive game mode allows the admin to select specific NFTs to enter battles, creating unique and exciting matchups for holders that meet certain requirements. These requirements can range from sweep promotions, whale holder status, or specific traits.
In the register game mode, the admin can set limits on how many NFTs can be registered per wallet, as well as a deadline for entry. This mode adds a sense of exclusivity and competition to battles, encouraging players to engage with their NFTs and strive for victory.
No matter the game mode, Narena Games provides an exciting and engaging experience for NFT holders.


Narena Games Leaderboards feature provides NFT collection owners with a unique way to rank their tokens and showcase their achievements. With four different leaderboards Placement, Total Wins, Season Kills and Game Kills. NFT holders can monitor the performance of their tokens and compete against other players.
The Placement leaderboard sorts tokens by alive first then kill count. In result in last Game day last alive token is taking the top spot. The leaderboard can be filtered by season, game, day, and tokens.
The Total Wins leaderboard displays the number of game wins each NFT has achieved, giving players more of a reason to hold their NFTs over long periods of time.
The Season Kills leaderboard ranks tokens by K/D ratio (kill to death) for the current season, while the Game Kills leaderboard ranks them by the same metric for a specific game. Both leaderboards can be filtered by season and game, making it easy for collection owners to monitor their tokens' progress and see where they stand in the competition.


Narena Games Loot Crate feature allows NFT collection owners to offer their players exciting rewards for their achievements in battles. The Loot Crates can have different types, each with its own specific Name, Opened or Closed Image, and Opening Animation, which can be customized in the administration panel.
Players can win Loot Crates for various achievements, such as being the last alive NFT in a game or being the best NFT killer in the game. They can also get Loot Crates randomly for a kill or being the best killer of the day.
Once a player wins a Loot Crate, they can claim it on the dashboard under inventory. The delivery process is handled by a special dedicated component in the administration panel, where administrators can mark Loot Crates as delivered or add notes. Collection owners can decide to make battles for WL spots, NFTs or even your native $token. With the Loot Crate feature, NFT collection owners can bring their giveaways to the next level.
All information related to Loot Crates, including wins and claims, is delivered to dedicated Prize and Staff discord channels. This feature is also visible in the dashboard killfeed, ensuring that players stay informed and engaged at all times. With the Loot Crate feature, NFT collection owners can take their gaming experience to the next level and enjoy exciting rewards along the way.


Additionally, Narena Games offers even more exciting features to boost engagement and increase the value of your NFT collection. As a member of the Narena community, you'll have the opportunity to connect with other NFT owners for potential collaborations and partnerships. In addition to the features mentioned above, Narena Games offers a unique set of game Emotions, providing a fun and interactive way for players to express themselves during battles. These emotions range can bring a piece of new life in Your NFT Collection!
Narena Games has a live roadmap and is constantly working on bringing new and innovative features to the platform. Our team is dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our community, and we're always open to feedback and suggestions.
To see the Narena Games platform in action, we offer a live demonstration of the system via video call. You can book your demo directly through our website and experience the features and benefits of the platform firsthand. You also can check our general YouTube video where You can find simple system presentation. Subscribe to our channel to get new Narena Games updates!
Don't just take our word for it - check out our customer references section to hear from satisfied Narena Games users who have experienced the platform for themselves. Our battle engine has found a home in many servers and is used by 1000+ active users daily!



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